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Services to Business
Virtual Hosting, Web Page Creation, Banner Advertising, Targeted E-Mailing, Foreign Language Translations, Press Releases, Search Engine Registration and Monitoring, etc.

wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Consulting Services
Web page analysis, marketing analysis, online research, reciprocal link development, software training, Internet Research training.
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Services To The Media
We'll do your web page on a reciprocal trade or provide a skilled speaker for your broadcast!
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Our Clients
A brief list of some of the several clients we have on three continents.
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Services To Consumers
Personal Pages, For Sale By Owner Real Estate Pages.
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Job Opportunities
Positions available for dynamic individuals in writing, sales and production.
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Radio Broadcast
Our twice monthly Internet show; view upcoming events or program notes!
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) About Us
A little history of the firm.
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Search The Site
Find it fast! here!
wpe26.jpg (778 bytes) Contact Us
The usual fare!

George C. Jobel
Internet Marketing Strategist
PO Box 2482,
Concord, New Hampshire 03302-2482


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