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Reciprocal Trade Agreements -- Tell America! will provide full featured web pages at no cost, via a reciprocal trade agreement, with almost any media outlet in the United States. We will use that space or air time to advertise our own proprietary web pages. The amount of space or spots we would require in trade is negotiable. For more information please call George at (603) 369-1471.

Speaker's Bureau -- George C. Jobel is an excellent speaker. He has been quoted worldwide on online dating safety and has spoken in person or on air to audiences over 700 times. Quick witted, knowelgeable and personable, he is qualified to discuss almost any general Internet topic. For more information please call George at (603) 369-1471.


George C. Jobel
Internet Marketing Strategist
PO Box 2482,
Concord, New Hampshire 03302-2482